Terms and Conditions


At point of sale it is confirmed the consumer has fully inspected the vehicle both mechanically and aesthetically and confirm there are no faults at present. By inspecting the vehicle, you have test driven and were given a reasonable amount of time to do any vehicle checks you feel appropriate.

If you would like further inspection to be carried out for the vehicle, you will need to leave a refundable deposit and have the vehicle checked at the showroom within 48 hours of first viewing.

You also agree that you have gone through all paper documents regarding the purchased vehicle.

Both Warranty and break down cover are provided with our vehicle purchases unless stated otherwise to you at point of sale by a member of staff. This will also be stated on the invoice of purchase.

Part Exchanges:

If in the event you have part exchanged your vehicle either as part of a deposit or a straight swap to purchase one of our vehicles, you agree to the following:

You have disclosed any major faults/ damage your vehicle previously or currently has if not immediately obvious to our team members upon inspection. You have provided all paperwork for the part exchange and agree to give up your rights to being the legal keeper of this vehicle once sold. As per consumer rights -- if in the event the purchased vehicle is returned to us (the dealers) for any reason, you will not be entitled to your part exchange vehicle back you will instead be offered an amount for your part ex instead.

If the newly purchased vehicle is returned to us after 30 days we reserve the right to make deductions on the vehicle based on usage/mileage.

Returns policy:

Any vehicle returns within 30 days due to financial hardship from the consumer or other non standard means of returns will result in a 'buy back' from the dealership. A fair and reasonable amount will be offered. It is also the consumers responsibility to have the car returned to us. Once the vehicle has been inspected to ensure it is returned in the same condition it was purchased in (aside from mileage) -- any agreed funds will be given to you in the same method as purchased unless the amount exceeded £5000 in cash in which this will be transferred to your desired bank account which will be within 14 working days from return.

Returning the vehicle due to a fault:

Once again the consumer has agreed to having fully inspected the vehicle on viewing and was given an opportunity to thoroughly read through paperwork and carry out any further checks deemed appropriate. If the vehicle purchased has a fault at point of purchased which has been disclosed by us (the dealer) a reduction in price can be made but will not be in all cases depending on already discounted amounts the vehicle has been advertised with. If us (the dealer) to make either a financial reduction or financial offer to the consumer in order to rectify any requested faults/ wear or tear, we will no hold any further liability for the discussed fault after payment/reduction is made.

If a fault should arise after purchase that was unbeknown to both the dealer and the consumer at point of sale, the consumer should follow their warranty providers procedures and have a diagnostics test carried out on the vehicle at the consumers cost. Once this has been done -- please send any reports to aftersales@adamautomotive.co.uk along with the reason for needing the report carried out and a response will be given in 24-48 hours with the next steps/ course of action. The consumer will need to evidence any faults with the vehicle showing they were present at point of sale in order for us to be able to make any offers of goodwill or assist further with any claims. Alternatively we will endeavour to assist with any warranty claims should you need us to.